Doc Quinn & Cliff Houck

Liverpool, PA.


After more than eight years of meeting each other digitally , weekly telephone conversations and several collaborations on various tracks "MistaBluesman" and the "Big Red Blues Dawg"  meet eye to eye and jam away their Blues live in the Blues Dawg's home studio!

Read more about this long awaited jam below as witnessed by me, " The Fly On The Wall "

Wow, what a real trip it was to finally watch these two Blues artists sit down and play their music live while breathing the air in the same room. The air was thick with the Blues and excitement was abundant to say the least.

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn & Cliff "Big Red Blues Dawg" Houck was in a world of their own for this spur of the moment session. Licks and riffs they had been hearing each do for years were now visible to each other and their eyes were jetting around at each other like they had been playing live with signals for a lifetime.

It's not even questionable that these two guitarist were meant to jam together. It just took many years of living their own ways to finally meet on the internet at and come to be friends. They both say that they feel they have known each other like best friends forever.

At just about the end of this lil' jam a few video cameras were set up to record Doc & Cliff live on a lil' number wrote by Doc. The lighting was dimmed by the thickness of the Blues in the room so what you see is what you get until their next live jam which won't be too many days down the road.

They're now hooked on playing live together and won't be able to not jam live together for very long. Trust me, I know because, I was the fly on the wall during their first time eva' jammin' live!

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Some Photos From This Live Jam









Comments From MistaBluesman

Well man, where do I start! The whole dang deal was just unbelievable and I am still tripping on if it really did happen. But . . . The video is the proof, Dig It?

I mean, one minute I was unloading my big truck in Bellerica, MA. and the next thing I know I was feverishly hammer down chasing that dotted white line in-route to the Blues Dawg's home in PA.

I was treated like a king by the entire Houck Family. Some wonderful peoples they are.

They opened their home to me like I had been living there all my life. Fed me some good fixins' and from there it was all like a woozy dream sorta' like!

The Big Red Blues Dawg is a master guitar player and I was so humbled by his talents. A better slide guitar player has yet to be found by me! Simply put, Cliff is a strong act to follow as a man, father and/or as an artist. I can't hardly wait till we "DO IT AGAIN MAN"

Thanks Cliff, Tina, Mom & Pops Houck, Alisha & Hubby (Didn't get to meet him as of yet), Stephanie and Jessie for your so warm and friendly welcome into your home!

I Love Ya' All And I'm So Honored To Have You All As My Friends !

Thanks Brother, Had A Blast!

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn


Comments From Big Red Blues Dawg

I had a chance to meet Mistabluesman himself, Mr. Doc Quinn a few weeks ago.

He was in my neck of the woods on a trucking run & we managed to grab a few hours to sit down & jam.

What a Special Treat for me!

Doc & I have collaborated on a dozen or so tunes through the years & became "Best Friends" over the past 8 or 9 years but hadn't met in person until this session.

We've known each other for almost a decade, recorded a pile of songs together via the web & never met face to face till recently.

When opportunity presented itself & we were all over it!

We got together "spur of the moment" & didn't get much quality video, but I'm sure we WILL get together again.

Next time we'll be more prepared.

In the mean time, this vid is about all I've got to document one of the coolest things that I've ever experienced.

Thanks again Doc! You Da Man.

Cliff "Big Blues Red Dawg" Houck


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